Friday, March 15, 2013

Mixed bag

So, I have a backlog of stuff here that I don't really know what to do with. They are not proper soundtracks, nor are they cover bands per say.

Some of these are standalone albums from people who make a lot of game music, and some, well frankly I don't know, but they are all game related somehow.

Make of it what you will

Big Giant Circles – Impostor Nostalgia

Big Giant Circles – Contingency

Asuka – Aqua Plus Vocal Collection, Vol. 2

Suara, Rena Uehara & Tsuyoshi Koyama – AQUAPLUS VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.8


Clap, Emi Motoda, Suara, Ryoka Yuzuki, Rena Uehara & Tsuyoshi Koyama – AQUAPLUS VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.6

Arisa Nakayama, D.Terada, Suara & Haruna Ikeda – AQUAPLUS VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.5

Arisa Nakayama, Yuki Kusakabe, AKKO, Emi Motoda, Haruna Ikeda & Suara – AQUAPLUS VOCAL COLLECTION VOL.4

Emi Motoda – Aquaplus Vocal Collection, Vol. 3

Shinobu Misaki – Aquaplus Vocal Collection, Vol. 1

Hannes Seifert – HSC AdLib Collection

Walt Ribeiro – The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Main Theme (For Orchestra)

Eminence Symphony Orchestra – A Night in Fantasia 2009 Live

Chris Huelsbeck – Rainbows

Anime Kei – Cut the Rope Theme

Thematic Pianos – Songs of Skyrim the Complete Collection
Anime Kei – Songs of Skyrim

James Primate – Mega Quad Videogame Music Bundle

Jyri Luukkonen – Ttursas Game Music Collection

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