Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Encounter

I said that Random Encounter was the 4th best game cover band on Spotify, but have yet to make a post about them. I guess this post will correct that problem.

I stumbled upon Random Encounter via the Similar Artist tab on Spotify about 2 years ago, and I have been a huge fan since. Its actually a wonder that I had not heard of them before as they are one of the more famous cover bands out there.

Musically they fit snugly in the genera of progressive folk-indie rock, in the sub-genre of video game music, and can be quickly recognized by their frequent use of the accordion and Russian feel. (They are from Orlando, Florida, don't be fooled)

Visit their official band page here:

And their stuff on Spotify below:



Also, putting this here: Careless Juja is a side project by Careless (accordion of Random Encounter) and Juja (The guitarist who put together the Sonic Suite). 

Pixel Glass is a compilation of tracks that are too obscure or lengthy to be performed (in their entirety) in a live setting.