Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Video Game Cover bands!

When I made a Top 10 Video Game Cover bands, I said I would maybe make a post with all the ones that did not get on the list. I think there will be quite a few of these as I took a peak in my file where I keep all the game music I stumble upon on Spotify, I have 4 pages of links that I think I might want to clear out

Here is my first try: This is another 10 Video Game cover artists that you can find on Spotify. Not in any particular order.

Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters

Dr. Wily & The Robot Masters was formed by Pete and Steph in late 2001, they were later joined by a very drunk and impressed drummer named Timaaahhhh! and was finally completed with the addition of a 2nd geektarist known as Fatty (also known in Japan as Godzilla). They are an Ottawa/Orleans based Nintendo music cover band, thats right, they play the music from the video games you used to play when you were a kid. Yes it’s geeky, and yes, they love it.

Year 200X 

Year 200X is a group of friends brought together by the love of two things: video games, and metal.



I know nothing of this band. It exists, there is one album on Spotify and it has a heavy focus on Sonic.

Dustin Cormier & Matt Begneaud

Dustin Cormier & Matt Begneaud

One album, lots of covers, not much known about these guys.



One man, tons of albums, all 8-bit and 16-bit remix goodness.

Rare Candy

Rare Candy started in the Summer of 2007. After a while, the band learned a ton of material and started to have practices more frequently. At a point Entertainment System was forced to take a short hiatus from live performances due to having to replace a few band members. During this time, Rare Candy began filling in for the shows that had already been booked for ES. A year later, after many requests from their fans, Rare Candy decided to take things a step further and record a full studio album. The band currently is still actively playing out, recording, and obviously, training their pokimans.

The Greatest Bits

The Greatest Bits is a video music dj. He produces 8-bit Nintendo music remixed and other bleepy stuff



Permeating the minds of the weak. Face-melting the masses. Feeding on the souls of the ignorant. These have all been favorite past-times of the force known as 

The Icarus Kid

Dan Crowdus is the mastermind behind The Icarus Kid, the futuristic, live electronic music project that brings the classic sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System to the dancefloor.

Tanuki Suit Riot

From funk, jazz, rock, even salsa, the Riot infuse every possible style into their musical onslaught of hip and hilariouscovers of classics from Mario Brothers to Cowboy Bebop, to toe-tapping J-Pop hits. The Riot plays videogame-core-where the best of Prince, Bowie, and Michael Jackson compete with a riff from Donkey Kong, and Mozart meets Sonic the Hedgehog head on.

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