Friday, April 13, 2012

This Place Is Haunted

This Place Is Haunted unfortunately only has one out of its three albums on Spotify.

If I had to pick what makes TPIH stand out from other cover bands it would be the length of their songs, their songs tend to wander off into areas that you did not really expect.

At times I get a feeling that TPIH wants to stand apart from their peers like The Minibosses and The Advantage (two groups that I feel are instantly similar when you first hear them), but this only happens when you get deep into their songs. From the start, Double Dragon, Castlevania and Super Mario Bros 2 are eerily similar to the Minibosses version of these songs, but then, when a Minibosses song usually ends after 2-3 min, TPIH lasts for 7-10 min, and usually goes other places after that initial spurt.

So, if you like metal covers of game music, give this one a chance it has something those other guys don’t always have.

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