Friday, May 4, 2012

Year 200X

These guys have one album, We Are Error (classy reference) and it is on Spotify. (Yay!)

Year 200X, not much to say about these guys, except that they do the best version of Ducktales – The Moon.

Yea, Daniel Tidewell does a really good version, but it’s not as metal. Brentalfloss does two really good versions, (Introspective being my favorites’) The Advantage does an equally rocking, but less polished version of it. I think the only thing that can top it is if The OneUps did a cover in the same way they did African Mines.

What other info can we get on them? Well, from their website you learn that:

Y2KX was formed in early 2006 by Tim Lydon and Tony Oliver. Joined by friends Rance Tatroe, Ian Whiters, Jake Bryan, and occasionally Kyle Hoke, they came together for two purposes: to have fun, and to play the awesomest guitar-driven video game covers that they can. Almost immediately, they were featured in Nintendo Power Magazine (June, 2006). Their debut album “We Are Error,” a compilation of 13 tracks from games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in August 2008 to great reviews by the video game community and fans of metal alike.

The band is currently working on new material, which will broaden their game selection by including music from systems other than the NES.

So, what songs are good?

The Contra collection is well done, and Mega Man 2 theme is good, but there is a lot of competition for that Theme, and I greatly prefer The Megas here (acoustic version of course!)

All in all, good group, good album, worth a listen.