Saturday, January 12, 2013


If you like Video game covers, my guess is that you already know this guy. Brent Black or better known as brentalfloss.

This guy is known for his youtube channel where he makes some pretty funny videos, but luckily he also has a bunch of stuff on Spotify, and that makes me able to make a post about him.

I mentioned Brent in a post back in May of last year, and my statements still stands true, I love this guys take on Moon Theme from Ducktales. I guess that is how I rank most game music cover bands, what is the quality of the covers Moon Theme, Megaman 2 - Airman and Bionic Commando - Area 1/Main theme. (But then, Bionic Commando cannot be outdone since this and this version)

I also have to comment on the production quality of his songs. I love the Advantage, but brentalfloss vocal covers beat them hands down. 

Anyway, he has done work with Random (upcoming post about him as well), madinthemoon and Dave Bulmer, (those dos not have anything on Spotify so no post for them)

List of brentalfloss' albums and singles on Spotify, enjoy: