Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bryan "BrySi" Simon

Stepping into some new territory with this post. It is not a soundtrack and not a cover, but rather songs about video games. However, since this blog is about "Game Related Music" it is still kosher to post.

Today we will talk about Bryan Simons, aka BrySi,

I had never heard about this guy, but I found him on a related link from Miracle of Sound (More on him in upcoming blog post) His YouTube channel turned out to be rather fun, so I decided make a blog post about him.

Bryan is 31 years old, likes video games and eating pizza, so he sounds a lot like me :)

Don't know what more I can say about this guy, check out his Facebook if you end up enjoying his music.

On Spotify he has been quite industrious 3 albums and lots of singles. I will only list the albums as the singles are all in the albums, but you can check his full Spotify profile here.

Bryan "BrySi" Simon – Video Game Music, Vol. 1

Bryan "BrySi" Simon – Video Game Music, Vol. 2

Bryan "BrySi" Simon – Video Game Music, Vol. 3

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