Sunday, January 6, 2013

Classical Covers and Collections

Todays topic: Covers and Collections.

Lots of good covers here, some bad, and when it comes to the C64 games, I simply don't know.

Lorne Balfe – The Greatest Video Game Music 2

Various Artists – Video Game Madness

Sir Millard Mulch – Fanatical Video Game Retroverse 1995-1999

Hannes Seifert – Amiga Game Soundtracks Vol.1

Ideas How To Treat Commodore 64 Game Tunes In The 21st Century

Boom! Headshot - Rocking tracks from video Games

Respawn 2 - More Great Gamer Anthems

Replay - Game Soundtracks and Anthems

80s Classic Video Games Ringtones – Arcade Games Ringtones Collection

The New York Synthony Orchestra – Video Game Music

Chris Huelsbeck – R-Type Themes EP

London Music Works – The Essential Games Music Collection Vol.1

Sound of Games

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