Friday, January 18, 2013

Yamasa Sound Team

This is a weird one. I stumbled over this artist known as Yamasa Sound Team, and found a bunch of anime looking art. I took a peak over at and discovered that yes indeedy, these people make game music. But I have never heard about this stuff.

I did some searching, and it seems it is mostly soundtracks for Japanese Pachi-Slot games. Since I don't speak Japanese my ability to research these guys is very limited. All i know is that these things seem to be soundtracks for specific versions of their Pachi-slot games, and they are on Spotify, so they quality for a blog post.

Pachi-slot Kelot

Pachi-Slot KELOT2

Pachi-Slot Cyber Dragon2

Pachi-Slot Tenkafubu2

Pachi-Slot Moeyo Kung Fu Taisen

Pachi-slot Pikagorov2

Pachi-slot Yumekagetsu

Time Rescue

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